About Us

About Us

Welcome to Ink on the Spot. If you click Ctl D that will save this site to your favorites. You have found an excellent source to saving your company a whole lot of money on your most expensive office supply, laser toner cartridges. Our commitment is to product detail and our desire to put the customer first.

We have found a top notch way to perfect a compatible laser toner cartridge, and have doing so for over 10 years! We check for worn components, if a component needs attention here’s a breakdown of our top quality laser toner assembly list:

• Toner Hopper – Cleaned
• Waste Collection Unit – Cleaned
• Drum – Replaced
• Primary Change Roller – Replaced
• Magnetic Roller – Replaced
• Wiper Blades – Replaced
• Doctor Blades – Replaced
That is how you get a dependable and affordable laser toner cartridge!

We are professional imaging supply specialists that are dedicated to you the customer. We stand behind every cartridge we ship out to you with a 100% guarantee! Have questions? Call or email us anytime! Our Customer Service department is continually ready to respond to any query you might have.

Our highest priority is finding innovative ways to deliver value to our customers. Our unwavering commitment to constantly delivering a top level of value-added service, with an unmatchable product is what sets us apart from our competition.

We have offices near Ikea, just off of I-85, and in Ft Mill, SC. Call us anytime!

We look forward to serving you!