Laser Toner Cartridge Question

We receive this question periodically, but mainly over the colder months. Here’s the question in a nutshell:

Q: My toner seems to have run out, but it still feels heavy. Is there something wrong with my machine that it won’t take all the toner out of the cartridge?

A: Not at all. Sometimes toners will have an issue called bulking. It will happen during colder months when the machine isn’t used a lot, or just when the toner has been sitting unused in general. The toner can bulk up inside the hopper, basically it just clumps up and needs to be loosened. Simply take out your cartridge, hold it horizontally, then shake it back and forth horizontally (never vertically) to loosen up the bulked toner.

toner isn't printing

This method can also be used to get the very last drop of toner out of your laser toner cartridges when they truly have completely run out, and you haven’t a replacement cartridge on hand.

Hope that helps.

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